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Our Story

Edcentrix, Inc. is a corporation founded by parents for the purpose of making communication between school administrators, teachers, and parents easier. We believe that if we can make managing student data simpler, administrators and teachers will be able to better focus on their passion of educating our children and parents will be able to more easily be part of the process.

As soon as a teacher records a grade in Edcentrix SIS, both parents and administrators immediately have access to the information. By gaining the ability to see the student’s progress throughout the term, parents are able to better head off developing problems and focus on the strengths of their students. It places the parents in more of a “same team” position with the teacher throughout the term rather than being surprised by issues at a teacher conference or at report card time.

Easy communication and involvement from parents is crucial to the success of students.

We know that there are other companies out there who offer online gradebooks and systems that will integrate with many different options. The limitations of these programs are that they don’t easily integrate for the administration. It is obvious to us that for this type of benefit from a parent's perspective to be feasible at a school level, it has to work hand and hand with the school office. We had to find a way to simplify things for both the teachers and administrators if we wanted to be able to take full advantage of the opportunity as parents.

Edcentrix SIS was developed for this purpose. We spent time with both school administrators and teachers to identify their specific needs and difficulties. One of the founding partner's father has been a teacher both in public and private schools for over 40 years. He has worked as both a school administrator and a teacher. His very unique perspective was very instrumental in developing the core requirements necessary for a student information system. With the basic system built, Edcentrix was rolled out to Beta schools. This allowed us to make sure we had the basics covered for several different school environments as well as helped us identify the areas that needed polished and simplified.

We worked very closely with the beta schools to simplify the process for everyone involved. The end result is student management software that is easy to implement at the school level, simple to use on a daily basis for teachers, and detailed in the information provided to parents. Great care has been taken to eliminate unnecessary clutter.

Our outlook for the future is exciting. The mission of our company is to see “Better students through Better Communication”. This means that our job will never be finished. Each time improvements can be made, and processes simplified, the students win. We would love to discuss with you how Edcentrix SIS can improve communication within your school.