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Why Teachers Love Edcentrix SIS

Personalized and Automated Grade Calculation

Edcentrix SIS gives you the tools needed to calculate your grades in exactly the way you need, without the headache of the constant calculating, and recalculating. You have the ability to grade by points, by weighted categories, or a mix of both. You have the ability to choose whether you would like to enter the percent earned, the points earned or a flat letter grade. You can immediately see the impact that a single score had on a child's overall term grade.

Easy Assignment Entry

You don't have time to learn another new program. You need something that allows you to hit the ground running. Edcentrix SIS was developed to be easy to use for teachers who are new to technology in general as well as to provide the complexity desired by those who are more technologically savvy. We have worked hard to eliminate repetetive tasks and make the flow of entering grades go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Reports are easy to access, student information is at your fingertips and you are able to focus on developing your students to the best of their abilities rather than being buried in paperwork.

Easy Parental Communication and Involvement

Pull parents into the "same team" mentality with easy communication and feedback on their student all along the way instead of only at Parent-Teach conference time. Give them the tools and information they need to continue the development of the strengths and the correction of the problem areas.

Most Popular Features:

  1. Easy Attendance
  2. Assignment level Parental Communication
  3. Weighted and Points based grade calculation
  4. Easy Gradebook Interface
  5. Missing Assignment Tracking
  6. Quick navigation between classes
  7. Quick Assignment entry/grading
  8. Notes section for tracking locker assignments, book assignments, etc.
  9. Simple End of Term Grade posting
  10. Responsive Support Team
  11. Accessible from anywhere with Internet Access
  12. Communicate with Parents Easily/Often

The Benefits You May Not Have Thought Of:

As a teacher, your students depend on you to guide them and instruct them in the best way possible so that they can learn everything they need at this stage of their education. That is quite a load to bear. So many of the tools out there to help you manage the massive amount of information you process is harder to manage than the information itself. Edcentrix SIS was designed to have only the features you need so that the process of managing the data is easy and you can get on about your work of educating children.

How many times have you met with an upset parent whose student has received a poor grade? They can't understand how this happened. They might even be questioning the teacher's role in their child's grade. One of the top reasons for there to be a conflict of this kind between parents and teachers is incorrect calculation of grades.

Edcentrix SIS calculates grades according to a custom grading method that can be controlled both at the administrative level and controlled by each individual teacher. Teachers no longer have to calculate long columns of numbers for each student. They simply choose their calculation formula and the system calculates each students' grade every time an assignment is entered. This eliminates math error as a reason for conflict.

Another top cause for parent teacher conflict is parental shock at report card time with a grade they didn't expect to see. Everyone realizes that a grade isn't earned on Report Card Day. It's earned with every homework assignment, every quiz, every test along the way. However, as a parent, unless you can see the path taken to arrive at the end of the term, it is often easier to assume that the problem starts with the teacher. Parents need the ability to see how their child is performing at each step. They can't correct the behavior if they don't know about it until the end of the term. Imagine the difference in the relationship between parent and teacher if they were able to truly work together to ensure that the student was staying on task throughout the whole semester. This level of involvement isn't possible without constant interaction. But, you can't have a parent teacher meeting every night. Edcentrix SIS gives you the tools to "meet" on your own schedules, from any location. Parents who would never think to set up a teacher conference, will log into the system and check assignments, attendance, calendar items, and more. Teachers who wouldn't make a parent call over a minor issue, can make a note in the system, without the formality of a meeting and the unavoidable stress that goes along with being "called to the school". Having parents access the system throughout the term eliminates the tension and pulls them into the education of their children.

This is a competitive market. Schools are implementing Student Information Systems at an ever increasing pace. With every school that signs up, those that don't provide access at this level are being left behind. Providing this technology for your teachers and parents is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Having a system in place like Edcentrix SIS sets your school apart as one leading the way rather than a school trying to catch up.

We are not blind to the fact that many of your teachers and parents are not completely comfortable with many types of technology. We understand that some of your most prized assets are teachers who have been with you the longest. Our system was designed hand in hand with educators and parents who have a wide spectrum of technological experience. Edcentrix SIS is as easy to use for the new teacher fresh out of college as it is for those who watched this technological age develop before their eyes.

Another wonderful side effect of having a unified student information system that it is accessible from anywhere, is that you are now able to publicize school events, make school announcements, recognize students or teachers who are excelling or going the extra mile, all without a cent of printing expense. With the Edcentrix Calendar feature you are able to hilight and publicize school events directly to the parents. You do not have to rely on crumpled papers jammed into backpacks to keep your families in the loop with big events and dates.