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Edcentrix SIS improves communication between administrators, teachers and parents at a monthly cost as low as .99 per student.

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Why Edcentrix SIS?

What makes us different?

Building a student information system that does everything you can possibly think of isn't hard. Building one with just the right amount of functionality to actually make your day simpler, now that's a challenge.

Managing student data in today's world grows more complex by the minute, and so does the software meant to help you manage it. The problem is, you don't have time to get a degree in "Student Information Management". You need a solution that will let you get the job done right, and then get on with your day.

Simplicity is our focus.

Our primary focus in development is simplicity for parents, teachers, and administrators. If a tool isn’t easy to understand and use, it complicates rather than improves. Our focus in every area is always, “How can we make this easier?”.

Communication is our priority.

Gone are the days when your only option for communicating with parents was the “note sent home”. With Edcentrix SIS we are constantly looking for easier, better ways for administrators, teachers and parents to communicate with each other. Parent access, email links for teachers and administrators, and easy reporting all work towards this goal.

Accessibility is our standard.

When you login to Edcentrix SIS the first thing you’ll notice is how everything is available to you within a few clicks - Attendance, Class Info, Student Data, Reporting. You don’t have time to search around in menus and navigation schemes for the information you need. We make the most commonly used features available from every single page.

What are parents saying?

". . .thankfully, his teacher began using Edcentrix, SIS. We felt instantly connected and involved in his education. Now we can see assignments and projects when they are assigned rather than when they are due."

Diane T
Springfield, MO