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Why Parents Love Edcentrix SIS

Education doesn't stop when the bell rings.

There are projects to be worked on, supplies to be collected, books to be read, permission slips to be signed. Your child's education does not stop when the school bell rings. It is easy to feel left out of the big picture when you are buried in the details and at the mercy of how consistent your child is at giving you the announcements sent home by the school. Edcentrix SIS gives you online access to school calendars, lunch menus, teacher notes, upcoming assignments and supply lists.

Grades aren't earned in a day.

Everyone knows that term grades aren't earned on report card day. They are earned with every assignment, every book report, every project turned in. As a parent you also know that rewards and correction are most effective when given as close as possible to the behavior - good or bad. Edcentrix SIS gives you the ability to see your students' successes and failures all throughout the term. Your child's teacher can easily communicate with you if an assigment showed exceptional effort, or if they could use a little extra help in an area. How wonderful would it be to be able to participate in their education at this level without the added stress of constant conferences. Edcentrix SIS gives you the ability to take a step backwards and see the education process as a whole rather than in report card grades and deadlines past.

Heading off problems is better than correcting failures.

Self esteem and personal responsibility are two of the hardest things to build in a child. You need to teach them to focus on their strengths and also recognize their weaknesses. Edcentrix SIS gives you the tools you need to point out the areas they excel in as well as the areas they need to work harder in. When they can see the immediate affects from their hard work, it is easier for them to keep building in those areas. When they can see the negative affects as they slip in certain areas it is easier to catch them right away and try again than it is to try to dig out of a hole.

Most Popular Features:

  1. Immediate access to current grades
  2. All students in one login
  3. View upcoming assignments
  4. View missing assignments
  5. View teacher assignment notes
  6. View attendance records

The Benefits You May Not Have Thought Of:

As a parent you spend your day doing your best to keep your family moving in the right direction. There are deadlines and schedules that aren't movable. You have to find ways to eliminate the chaos and preserve the precious moments at every opportunity. Childhood flies by faster than anyone can ever really explain. Edcentrix SIS gives you a window into the school day so that you can see problems as they develop rather than after they are already failures.

How many mornings have you spent searching for permission slips, organizing lunch money and hunting for last minute books to read for the book report due tomorrow? The age old communication method of sending home notes and announcements is simply not the only option any longer. Imagine being able to check for activities, field trips, upcoming assignments, missing assignments, etc. without ever needing to call or go into the school. What if you could see the homework supplies needed before you left work rather than after a busy day as you try to cook dinner. Edcentrix SIS Parent Web interface gives you the ability to see this information at any time of day, from anywhere.

Edcentrix SIS gives you a chance to identify strengths in your child. It allows you to see the areas they excel in instead of just the overall grade. Maybe your child is a very dedicated and detailed worker, but struggles on tests. How can you know this when all you see is a "C" for the overall grade. You can't see that they had all A's on homework and daily work, but were failing the tests and quizes. How easy is this situation to correct - if only you know about it ahead of time?

Personal responsibility is one of the hardest values to teach a child as they mature. If they are faced only with rules and punishments it is so easy for them to slip into a mode of what "the world" is doing to them, rather than how their actions are truly affecting their lives. Edcentrix SIS gives you the ability to easily and quickly see an overall picture of your child's grades at any point in the term. Rewards and Consequences can be given throughout the term for immediate reinforcement or correction. Your child can see right away how their actions affect their grades.

What Other Parents Are Saying:

"We first became aware of the value of Edcentrix, SIS when our oldest son began struggling in school. We spent night after night on missed assignments and projects that had been assigned for months but that were “due tomorrow”. We needed a way to keep on top of his assignments so that we could teach him to eventually manage them himself. Calling his teachers at home each night or stopping in the classroom each day were not feasible options. Thankfully, his teacher began using Edcentrix, SIS. We felt instantly connected and involved in his education.

The fact that his assignments and grades were online gave us the opportunity to see assignments and projects when they were assigned rather than when they were due. We were able as parents to see his current grades at any point and catch them as they began to slip rather than after they’d already slipped past recovery. We could finally reinforce the good behavior at school immediately, as well as apply consequences right away when he slipped into old habits.

This new dynamic dramatically improved not only his schoolwork, but more importantly it improved our relationship with our son. Any grade below the threshold meant no video games until it was pulled up. We would check his grades with him each day. The answer to “Mom, can I play games today” became “Well, let’s look together.” We could login and see the numbers together. The numbers became the determining factor on whether he played games or not. The wonderful part of that was that he controlled the numbers with his behavior. It went from something “we” were “doing” to him to something he controlled. He could see for himself that the numbers went up when he did well and went down when he wasn’t putting as much effort into his work."

Diane T
Springfield, MO